5 Advices to read when going to Cuba and a video overview

We followed
our dreams…and took off…

Cuba is one
of the most favourite places to have a vacation at, and so me and Maks decided
to try it out for ourselves. We made the decision to go,  packed our bags and had the best time of our

Here are
our few advices for such travel :


The decision to go was spontaneous, and so we did all the planning as
quick as possible. Are there any regrets? No!

I get it, you have to save up money, take a vacay off at work, and
blah-blah-blah… But hey, I’m sure if you really wanna go – you won’t stop at
anything! After all, we make money in order to spend it as we please , and
having a fun week is a great way of doing so!

2.     The Planning:

If it’s your first time going you will stumble
upon this question – What Hotel to Pick?!

Don’t worry, there are many ways to finding out
what’s best for you!  Ask friends, and
relatives; go on different websites to find out about what they have to offer (
another cool thing is- if you find the hotel you think is perfect, don’t hesitate to google it first – as you may
discover other sides to it on other websites ). While you are searching pay
attention to the stars rate; if it has accommodations for kids; what night entertainment
it has to offer; and google what people have to say about the food in the
specific hotel.

3.     Tips/Gifts

Every morning nice ladies will come cleaning
your room and creating cool things from towels. They should be rewarded for the
creativity! You may leave them tips or some people like to bring small gifts
that they get in Dolarama or something. Remember, anything is great as long as
you mean it!

4.     Careful :

Usually in a hotel you will receive beach
towels and an umbrella – if you loose them, you have to pay. This thing always
seemed weird to me, because if I were to loose them – they would still stay at
the hotel. But hey, I guess some people wanna steal that stuff? Anyway, so one
of the days we were in our Hotel it was raining. We took an umbrella and forgot
it in a bar at one of the tables while a cleaning lady was there. She took it,
and before we could leave home we had to pay around 20$ for it. Oh well, we
will be more cautious next time ;)

5.     Have fun!

Either you go there by yourself, with a family,
with a gf/bf or with friends – don’t let little things bother you! Whatever
happens, just remember that the purpose of you going is to have the best time
of your life! Also, everyone is very friendly there, so it is easy to make new
friends amongst Cubans or the travellers. Me and Maks were lucky to meet a
couple of friends there, which we then randomly met at Toronto one day. It’s a
small world!

Overall have fun, make awesome memories and
create stories to tell. It’s your life, and you only got one -  you better live it to it’s fullest ;)

Love you all,

-Sokyrka A.

The Reason Why I Started Blogging


“Life is short, the art long.”



Welcome to my first blog post, everyone!

My name is Anna,
and I am an Illustration student in OCAD University. I was born in Ukraine, but
moved to Canada in July 2012 – and this is where my Art Journey truly began!

I always wanted to be a part of art community – my plans
were to either attend a singing or acting academy back home, and I could’ve
never imagined myself as an artist of a different kind. Well, here I am – doing
illustrations, paintings and designs for myself and others! 

I truly love art in all its forms, and this is what inspired
me to start blogging. I love art –
and I want to share my views on it with all of you interested. I hope to be
posting information that will provide you with some awesome info about artists,
techniques and cool stories.

Thank you to all of those who were there for me since the
beginning of my journey, and to all of those who will join me on the way!

Other than that, have a great summer everyone,

And I’ll talk to you soon ;)

                                                                                                                     - Sokyrka A. 

Anna in Wonderland

The Photograph of me above was taken by a Toronto based photographer -Maksym P’yatnochka.

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